Gaia DR3 Hackathon


The third data release of the Gaia mission (DR3) will be released on June 13th. We are very excited to have a hackathon to discover the data, and play with it. The hackathon is open to everyone, but we might have some space constraints, so please register here as soon as possible, and by May 15


The hackathon will include tutorials, open to all, especially undergraduate students on June 10th. Details to follow.


The Hackathon will run from Monday June 13, 6am EDT to Wednesday June 15 5:30pm EDT

Undergdudate Applicants:


  • Enthusian for programming and data.
  • Undergraduate from any course (not necessarily course 8).
  • Collaborative spirit.


  • Experience in programming (2 semesters or equivalent).
  • Knowledge of Github.


  • Previous experience with computer clusters, Python, SQL.


For undergraduates, there will be prizes at the end of the hackathon voted on by the organizing committee:

  • Coolest plot.
  • Coolest science result. 
  • Cleanest code.